Jonas Ballmann
«Jonas Ballmann hinter der Kamera»

Writer | Director | Producer

Jonas Ballmann, born in 1990 in Lachen SZ, gained comprehensive knowledge in the Master’s program in Film at the prestigious Zurich University of the Arts, both creatively and economically. His film projects have been honored with recognized awards at international festivals such as the Palm Springs International ShortFest, the Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival, and the International Short Film Festival Winterthur.

After completing his studies, he began his professional career as a director and video producer at renowned media brands such as SRF, and he has also been involved in feature film projects. Today, Jonas is co-owner and producer at Moviemaint GmbH, a company based in Graubünden. He specializes in content development in the creative field and has a particular passion for directing. Jonas has already demonstrated his skills with prestigious clients. His versatile expertise in designing and producing high-quality content for various media sets him apart.